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Course outline 2013

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Richard B Day

Psychology 3CC3: Forensic Psychology Course Outline, September - December. 2013 Time: Mon., Thurs. 9:30 am; Tues. 10:30 am. Instructor: Dick Day Classroom: JHE-376 Office: Psych Bldg Room 404 Phone: 525-9140 ext. 23006 Email:[email protected] Required Text: Pozzulo, Bennell, and Forth. Forensic Psychology, 3 Edition. Pearson Education Canada Recommended Text: Day, R. B. Forensic Psychology 3CC3 Handbook. McMaster Custom Courseware, 2012. Course web site:; plus the course pages on Avenue 2 Learn Course Objectives The goals of the course are to familiarize students with the nature and scope of forensic psychology, to describe in more detail some of the specific responsibilities and activities of forensic psychologists, and to familiarize students with the theory and empirical evidence that guide forensic psychologists in their work within the legal system. Course Topics The table below shows the topics we will cover in this course, and the order in which we will discuss them. The specific weeks in which we will cover these topics may vary from the dates given below, depending on how deep and active our discussion of each topic becomes. So take the dates below as approximate and subject to revision. Week of: Topic Text Readings Sept. 2 Sept. 9 Introduction to Forensic Psychology Chapt. 1 Sept. 9 Chapt. 3 (pp. 56-72) Sept. 16 Interview and Interrogation Procedures; Detecting Deception; Sept. 23 Eyewitness Testimony Chapt. 4 (pp.90-111); Chapt. 5; Sept. 30 Chapt. 6 (pp. 159-171 Oct. 7 * Oct. 14 Profiling in Criminal Psychology Chapt. 3 (pp. 73-89) Oct. 21 Oct. 21 Oct. 28 The Psychology of Juries Chapt. 7 Nov. 4 Assessment of Competence, Criminal Responsibility, Risk of Nov. 11 Violence Chapt. 8; Chapter 12 * Nov. 18 Nov. 25 Psychopathy th Chapt. 10; Chapt. 11 Dec. 2 (Classes end Wednesday, December 4 ) Exam Final Examination Period Course Evaluation : There will be two non-cumulative in-class midterm tests, worth 30% each, and a cumulative final exam worth 40%. Each in-class test will consist of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions. You will have the full 50 minutes of the class period to complete each test. The final exam will consist of approximately 80 multiple-choice questions and will be cover all the material in the course. You will have two hours for this test, which will take place during the December examination period
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