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Intro to Forensic Psych History 1842 – Edgar Allen Poe publishes “the Murders in the Rue Morgue” - first time forensic psych was every presented (fictionally) 1887 – Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes story - uses characteristics of scene to determine offender profile 1888 – Dr. Thomas Bond (pathologist) provides the first real offender profile in London’s Whitechapel Murder’s case (Jack the Ripper) 1895 – James McKeen Cattell – studied memory accuracy and found much INACCURACY  memory is not a good source of proof to use in a case - set the stage for research in eye witness testimony 1896 – Albert Von Schrenk-Notzing – effects of pre-trial publicity - argues that it was hard for witnesses to discriminate between what they actually saw and what they heard or saw in the media 1901 – William Stern – tested witness accuracy by showing subjects a photo and asking them about it after certain intervals – noticed increase inaccuracy with increase delay - proves eye-witness testimony is not very good - role of leading questions – suggests the answer; bad for recall 1908 – Hugo Munsterberg – called “first forensic psychologist” - wrote book “On the Witness Stand” - conducted research in memory, false confessions, role of hypnosis - played a role in the success of trial of Lee Harvey Oswald for assassination of JFK 40 years later 1916 – Lewis Terman – created Stanford-Binet test (for IQ) - assessed intelligence of 30 police 1917 – William Marston – found systolic blood pressure correlated to lying - led to design of polygraph, but the testimony was disallowed by judge - importance: this determined that any procedure must be generally accepted within its field in order to be used as evidence 1954 – Brown vs Board of Education – testify for and against Brown/white segregation in schools  potential effects on child psychology - mental illness experts t
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