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Lecture 9

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Jennifer Ostovich

Lecture9 How Useful are Stereotypes - Efficiency • given that stereotypes aren’t that accurate, why do we keep using them? - don’t always learn that they’re inaccurate, or they save us cognitive effort (heuristics) • why would we want to preserve our cognitive capacity - to do other things (eg. thinking about ourselves - it’s a reward of increased cognitive resources) • dual task procedure - simultaneously doing two things at once (simulates real world- environment) • see if giving a heuristic to do this task helps them do the task better than those who aren’t using them (measure performance on both tasks) • Macrae (1994) - stereotypes are used because they help us do other tasks that we need to complete (we’re scrooges when it comes to cognitive capacity - why we use stereotypes) •experiment 1 - Ss presented with two tasks simultaneously (impression formation - traits associated with a person and form an impression), listening to a lecture (on Indonesia) • task 1 - impression formation • Ss hear about 4 different people (10 traits each - presented for 3 seconds) • IV - stereotype label or not • consistent with stereotype or not • task 2 - prose monitoring task (lecture on Indonesia) • DV - performance on post-task testing (cued free recall task for task 1 and m/c test for task 2) • each trait is associated with a name and/or a label • hypothesis - if you get the label (rather than no label) with the stereotyped traits, it should help you remember the trait as well as better performance on m/c test • results - for stereotype consistent traits there is a significant difference b/w the label and no label (twice as good with label) • in neutral stereotype condition, there was a non significant difference b/w label condition and no label • multiple choice test showed a significant difference in performance - those with the labels had better performance on the test than those who didn’t get the l
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