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Jennifer Ostovich

Lecture 1 • intergroup relations deals with how people from different groups relate to each other (eg. some people get excluded from things that others get opportunities for) • we live in a culture of straight, white, christian males that get the majority of opportunities (they settled by killing off everyone else who was there already) • relations among other groups are still very bad in today’s world • eg. Holocost was about killing people because of group membership • Allport (1954) was the first to publish a textbook on prejudice - first scholarly pursuit in this area (social psychology) • predicts the research for the next 60 years - seems modern in its approach also contains stories and old sayings • • cited early Canadian research - S.L. Wax (1948 - interested in anti-semitism in Canada) • looked at resort bookings - sent them requests for the same amount of time • signed by either Mr. Lockwood (WASP-y name) or Mr. Greenburg (Jewish sounding) • Mr. Lockwood got a 98% response rate and 93% offer rate • Greenburg only got an offer 1/3 of the time and wasn’t even responded to half of the time • even though they were desperate for business, they would rather close their resort than offer space to a Jew • modern world has globalization and multiculturalism - there’s no reason that intergroup relations should ge
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