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Paul W Andrews

January 31, 2014 Lecture 12 3F03 Persistence hunting and running • 8 hour hunt • Hunter-gatherer o Outran animal o Did blessed procedure after it died • Animals can run faster than a human being • Humans are good at persistence running Human jogging is faster than what a quadruped can do sustainably • Sustained gallops are not long—sustained for about 15 minutes • Human can persist past the largest quadruped • The longer the race, the more likely a human will win (if up against animals) • Humans use a lot more energy when running than a horse o It is not the energetic cost, it’s the heat!  The heat must get dissipated  When quadruped—(horse) breathes in, legs are in stride—when tucked under breathing out  During a gallop—the quadruped can only breath once per stride  Humans can breathe significantly more than that—getting rid of more heat  Horses sweat • Human beings can outrun any quadruped over a sustained amount of time Running shoes are evolutionarily harmful • Running shoes increase strain on knee and hip o Running shoes place greater strength on knee (greater strain) o Tennis shoes increase the distance between the knee and the ground of force – torque-greater torque equals greater strain o Running shoes weaken hips  When on running shoes you are more likely to move hip—increases the distance between arrow of force and distance • High heels can cause joint problems and arthritis o After instruction of how to walk in heels—you can level hips and collar bone • Energetic cost of running shoes o No difference in oxygen c
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