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Paul W Andrews

3F03 LECTURE January 28, 2014 • In infection, we might develop insulin resistance but you wouldn’t develop it in your brain or some of your immune tissues because that is not helpful for immune response (ie spline) • One of the parts of the mechanisms of the way the insulin develops are part of the receptors of selected tissues • Since the function of insulin is decreased in those tissues—less glucose is taken from the bloodstream Why is it that your body designed in a way that your diet can trigger an immune response? • Not all aspects of the diet trigger immune response • The ones that do are: glucose and fatty acids (saturated and unsaturated • The saturated fatty acid are more likely to come from animal components—unsaturated are more likely to come from plants Why do we store fat in adipose tissue? Energy reserve for: • Starvation • Infection • Pregnancy • Other conditions of energetic stress During energetic stress: fat mobilized and converted into saturated fat for the body to use Immune response is energetically expensive Inactive immune system consumes about 23% of overall metabolism! When activated by infection, increases even further • Sepsis:>50% • When you’re sick you eat more carbs and less fat and protein • Energy comes from stored adipose tissue and glucose stored in liver Lymph nodes are important in the immune system • Found all over the body • Often concentrated in regions where pathogens are likely to be encountered • Embedded in adipose tissue o Less likely to compete for energy with other tissues • Focused in digestive tract (diseases present near there) • Found near gentials etc. o Wherever found—embedded i
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