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Paul W Andrews

Lecture 1 Adaptationism - Investigating the components of organisms in the light of hypothesis about their adaptive functions o Highlight different ways of explaining different reasons for biological traits - Tinbergen’s four modes of explanations o Proximate causations ( neurochemical, mechanisms )  Feel fear when amygdala gets activated o Ontogeny ( individual development)  How the mechanism developed over the course of the organism  Fertilized egg did not have a fear mechanism but developed later on ( example) o Phylogeny (  Tree of life  Related to each other  Where did the mechanism first evolve o Function (ultimate causation)  Why from a selective stand point the fear mechanism exists  The adaptive consequences that are responsible for the attribute’s having evolved and being maintained … - Adaptationism really about the functional analysis o By using the logic of NS, adaptationism generates interesting predictions about behaviour and cognition that are not otherwise possible o Gives insight into proximate mechanisms - Wedekind et al (1995)  Gave Men White t shirts to wear  Inoculating the t shirts with their sweat  Women to rate the pleasantness of men’s odour  Women divided into pill users or non-pill users • And also divided on MHC genes ( code for immune system factors) • Genotyped Men and Women pair o 0-1 dissimilar o 3-4 MHC similar • In the non-pill users ( MHC dissimilar rated the t shirts as more pleasant) • In pill users ( opposite) o Had ideas about what this affective responses are about  Previous research showed that mates with very similar MHC produced offspring that are disadvantaged  Offspring are unable to handle a variety of pathogens ( restricted when MHC genes are similar )  The Authors of the paper thought that this showed the effect of selection of mates by the females (
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