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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 -Sexy cads vs reliable dad.docx

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Paul W Andrews

Sexy cads vs nice guys - Is there a disconnect between what women want and what they say they want? o A shift in ovulatory cycle may support that in different times of their cycle they want different things o Important for women to get both investment and a good pair of genes  Males who are not quite as attractive maybe under selection to be more nice in order to be more attractive to women st  1 reason – ask mozaffer - Durante et al (2012) o What’s happening to women psychologically when they are making dating decisions?  Not challenging ultimate reasons but looking at proximate causes  Gave 2 descriptions of men to the female participants at 2 times: ovulation and luteal phase • Then women rate the 2 descriptions and picture • Reliable – has average pic and sexy guy had a good pic  How much parental investment was expected from the 2 guys • Ovulation did not influence parental investment estimate for reliable guys • But it did increase for sexy cads during ovulation - Maybe strategic to
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