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Lecture 23

PSYCH 3GG3 Lecture 23: Lecture 23

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Mel Rutherford

Lecture 23 – November 17 Divorce • Rates vary across culture - in some cultures its easier and some cultures it's not legal • In North America, 40% of children will experience parental divorce and 10% will experience it twice • 65% of divorces mothers and 75% of divorced fathers remarry • Immediately after divorce: o Lower academic achievements o Behavioural problems o Compared to children whose parents didn't divorce, but it that the right comparison group? Should we be comparing them to children with parents who have conflict but have not divorced Parenting changes • Custodial mothers become less patient, more coercive - more demands timewise • Non-custodial fathers become more permissive - gets weekends and vacation time - often the more fun parent • Parenting is inconsistent across households - not ideal for the kid Over time • Academic and behavioural measures improve • But still worse than kids who didn't experience divorce Girls after divorce • Early sexual behaviour • More conflict with mother • Lower self-esteem Boys after divorce • Aggression Delinquency in teen years • • More drug use in teen years Parent-offspring conflict - conflict between parent and offspring resulting from the fact that mutually exclusive courses of action would maximize each person's inclusive fitness • If the benefit to your relative, discounted by the relatedness, outweighs the cost to yourself • Zone of conflict of interest: area where parent favours altruism and child favours self - from parents point of view, sibling has to be equally as hungry to share pizza, but from point of view of self, the sibling has to be 2 times as hungry to share pizza Robert Trivers • Young children comply but do not internalize parents' values • This is in conflict with social learning theory (kids are socialized by their parents) - the kid will resist attempt by the parents to internalize their
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