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1Define and describe the EEA why is it important to think about it when considering developmental psychology Are there different aspects of the EEA that would be relevant to different kinds of development exvision language social attachment etc ExplainWhy is thinking about the EEA important in studying child developmentaEnvironment of Evolutionary Adaptnednesscondition under which our ancestors lived and to which our morphologicalpsychological traits existedbHelps us understand the function of the developing traits that we havecWhen development seems unusual we can look at similaritiesdifferences between our environment and the EEAiHow our current conditions are similardifferent from the EEA allow us to infer why development is differentsimilar when things are going arraydHunting for foodvisioncones and rodsthe kinds of colours we looked for in our EEA will be the kinds of colours we can differentiate between in our current environmenteYes absolutely the aspect of the EEA you want to think about depends on what part of psychology that youre studyingif youw ant to understand why your car looks yellow in a parking garage even if its not yellow outdooryou need to think about the spectrum of natural light that was available in the EEA it wasnt the parking garagefWhat are the natural languages in the EEA how likely was it that people were going to encounter a second language group when would that happentherefore when can we still learn a different language fluentlygSocial hierarchies in the EEAonly 100 people VS today 800 facebook friendshow is this different how does this affect our social liveshThe function of an ada
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