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Lecture 13

PSYCH 1X03 Lecture 13: PSYCH 1X03 November 26

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Michelle Cadieux

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Monday November 25, 2018
The distance between the teacher and the learner is a factor that affects levels of obedience
Influence of others
Socially acceptable
Part of our biological processes
Influence others simply by bodily behaviour
Once someone cheats, the whole system breaks down
You want to be perceived as being honest
How do you promote honesty for a public good?
Tea study
Paying for milk
Would there be a difference if you were being watched?
Causes you to have increased prosocial behaviour
Learning styles aren’t real
Psychology isn’t common sense
When money is assigned to a specific purpose and lost, it feels worse
Example in lecture: losing your ticket ($10) at the movies
A huge part of our life revolves around the idea of avoiding the loss of something
Cognitive distance
Beliefs and actions should line up
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