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Lecture 6

PSYCH 1X03 Lecture 6: PSYCH 1X03 October 15

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Michelle Cadieux

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Monday October 15, 2018
Language is a form of communication
Language belongs to species as well
Only humans have true language
Deep and specific level
Without language, we are lost
Lost in translation
English is not the most common language in the world
English is the language of tourism
English signs around the world to help tourists get around
Creating a new language
Fake languages
Languages that have been made up for a particular reason
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Made up languages still need to follow rules
Clear grammar, root words, suffixes, develop vocabulary, etc.
Types of words used can show a cultural shift
Changing cultural values
Cultural shift in how we live our lives
Being a part of a larger whole was important in the day
Individualistic today
Living more for yourself
Recognized through language
They are simply just words
Why do these words affect our emotions?
Neuroscience involved
Taboo words activate brain areas associated with negative emotion: Right
Content of swearing
The Supernatural
Example: Catholics can’t use God’s name in vein
Body effluvia and organs
Give a feeling of disgust and discomfort
Disease, death, and sickness
Falling out of fashion
Death swearing comes into play
Example: “Go die in a fire”
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