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Lecture 4

PSYCH 1X03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Vending Machine, Stimulus Control

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Michelle Cadieux

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Monday September 24, 2018
CS = lemon cues and US = lemon juice; CR = salivation and UR = salivation
Instrumental Response
Leaning about the connection between the voluntary response and its consequence
Example: Leaning how to hit a baseball
Hitting a home run is considered a positive consequence
Consequence is a positive or negative stimulus
When is the contingency valid?
SD represents when it will occur
Improve behaviour is to provide a reward
Example: Cleaning the dishes results in a candy reward
We want to increase a positive behaviour
Can be used to decrease a negative behaviour
Example: Baby crying before going to sleep results in cuddles
Not valid in day care
Discriminative stimulus control of speeding behaviour
When you see a cop, your instinct is to slow down (SD)
Driving in country roads (S Delta)
No cops around so speed is not slowed down
Example: Youre an athlete but you had a busy week, so you had no chance to wash
your uniform
Play a game with an unclean jersey and your team wins
Continue to win with unwashed clothes
Making a connection between a behaviour and a consequence that isn’t necessarily true
but coincidentally happened
Shaping a crow to use a vending machine
Repetitive behaviour
What steps would you take to shape this behaviour?
Start small Give the bird a reward if it lands on the machine, give it a reward if it
pecks at the coin, give it a reward if it picks up the coin, give it a reward if it puts the
coin in the machine
Can you devise a practical application of the crow vending machine?
Clean up garbage
Reinforcers in behaviour
Promote leaning and behaviour
Primary Reinforcers
Reinforce some biological means
Secondary Reinforcers
Exchange for some biological mean
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