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PSYCH 1XX3 Lecture Notes - Capgras Delusion, Hebbian Theory, Temporal Lobe

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Joe Kim

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Psych 1XX3 Lecture Week 4 Neuroscience II
Top Down Processing: what you see is influenced by your acquired beliefs.
Information Processing and Self-deception:
Have individuals come in and tell them to hold their arm in an ice bucket as long as they
possibly can.
Tell them a story about two types of hearts that they are studying. SO you are either type
1 or type 2 hearts will react differently with exercise.
o Type 1 + exercise = more sensitive to cold water
o Type 2 heart + exercise = less sensitive to cold water.
o “cold tolerance is healthy” increase time
o “cold tolerance is unhealthy” decrease time
29% said that there was NO CHANGE, some admitted to change because “water was
Are we living this narrative of our life?
o Yes, changing the story to your own narrative.
Welcome to the Matrix
The brain constructs your world
Hebbian learning provides a mechanism for neural coding
Prior learning
Connections and Disconnections
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat - Novel
The case of the imposter syndrome:
o 5 week coma after a car accident
o Perform cognitive and memory tasks knows who he is, job, etc.
o Physician notices that he seems distant from his parents and stand-off-ish. He
asks what’s going on, and the patient says, “those are not my parents”, they look
like my parents, but I sure that they are not my parents.
o Claims they paid professional actors to play his parents hiding behind a mask.
o Related to visual processing in stages build up visual processing until you
finally recognize the stimulus this happens before being sent to the
o Capgras Delusion and the temporal lobe neurons in the FFG respond to
faces. Amygdalae assess the emotional significance of a stimulus.
Recognition without emotion
Delusion does not occur with auditory stimulus
Brain creates a running narrative to explain the stimuli and events.
The Case of Ignoring Half the World
o People seem to completely neglect the left side of the world i.e. shaving only one
side of face.
o Italians show people the square ask people to look at the square and describe
all the building. They would start by naming building on the right side and be able
to name them perfectly.
o Ask them to walk around and talk about the other side they can do it, it’s not
like left side has been erased.
o Parietal Lobe: spatial navigation and attention. Generally only occurs with
damage in the right parietal and not left.
60 year old women suffered extensive damage to right parietal cortex.
After recovery, she would only put make-up on half the face, only eat half
cereal, only eat what was on the right sude of her plate.
o Hemi-spatial Neglect: even when drawing from memory still lopsidedness.
o Hemi-spatial neglect and the parietal lobe:
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