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Lecture 8

PSYCH 2AP3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Puzzle Video Game, 18 Months, Object Permanence

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Geoffrey Hall

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Baby Human Series: Talking
At 2 weeks what viewing distance is clearest for an infant and why is this significant?
o12 inches: contrasts of light and dark where features are
o6 inches (clearest): easy distance to communicate with mom (typical distance from her
At 2 weeks what aspect of the face is the infant drawn to?
Drawn to contrasts of light and shadow of the face, not the features of the face
At 6 weeks what aspect of the face is now important?
Drawn to features of a face because higher brain centres (visual stimuli) takes over so it gives
meaning to what baby sees
At 2 months, what senses does the baby begin to integrate?
Neural pathways begin to develop – baby can make connections between senses and integrate
sights and sounds
E.g. baby learns that the sound of voice and moving lips go together
At 2 to 3 months how are objects perceived?
Object move, some don’t, objects have ends which tells baby when an object starts and ends
At 3 months, the tracking of objects has improved
Describe an object permanence study:
Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be
observed (seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way)  2.5 months
Study: doll goes behind wall and then exists from the other side
oEyes track movement suggesting she can keep the doll in her mind when she cant see it
oWhen doll has to pass between two pillar (and doll doesn’t) she knows the doll could not
disappear into thin air
What age does the ability to search for a hidden object appear?
At 9 months
How are concepts of length, width, under used at an early age?
At 7.5 months the properties of objects are understood
oBaby can form categories: under, behind etc.
At 9 months they cannot put two laws together
At 6 months, where does the baby’s basic sense of numbers come from?
From their parents – the baby knows it has one mother and one father and recognizes when they
are missing
Sorting sets the foundation for logical reasoning: world has an underlying order
When does the infant demonstrate an understanding of intention of others?
At 18 months
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