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Lecture 4

PSYCH 2B03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Nanny, Oral Stage, Castration Anxiety

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Richard B Day

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Lecture 3: Freud (continued..)
Superego: “super me”
Id is the biological basis of personality; the ego conceptualizes the eect of
learning, experience and environment. What is missing? Morality, social
conventions, wrong vs. right? The ego only cares about if something can
happen and if it can get away with it. Superego is the in&uence of society
and culture on personality and behaviour.
oEgo Ideal
: all of those things that a child was rewarded
or praised for
: all those behaviours we were punished or
blamed for
Superego is powered by libido that came from the id, and it can use the
libido to form an anti-cathexis between an image that is morally wrong and
the id. The superego is mostly unconscious; there is a fragment of a
superego that is conscious.
Child discovers certain parts of the body, when stimulated properly will form
sexual pleasures. The child initially focuses on certain erogenous zone:
mouth, anus, and phallus
oNarcissistic Sexuality: “self love”
All about me and my body and stimulating my body
Polymorphous Perverse: The child will do things to gain sexual pleasure,
which as an adult would be considered perverted.
The Oral Stage: Birth to One Year
Early Oral Stage – Oral Incorporative (birth – 8/9 months)
Pleasure: incorporating external things to provide pleasure (ex. sucking
thumb – narcissistic sexuality)
Late Oral Stage – Oral Aggressive (Sadistic) (8/9 months – one year)
Pleasure: satis5es more of the Thanatose urges
When does it end? At each stage there is a lesson to be learned, the lesson
here comes near the end of the stage when demand feedings stops and
schedules feeding starts. Child learns that they can’t always get what they
want therefore impulses will not always be grati5ed.
The Anal Stage: One to Three Years
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