PSYCH 2B03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Reality Principle, Libido, Gestapo

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25 Aug 2016
- stories of childhood traumas were untrue; never happened
- abandoned seduction hypothesis, moved on to another theory
- initially, abandonment was not controversial, but then in the 1980s it
became an issue again
- instances of women who, under hypnosis or in therapy, would
remember memories of childhood incest, rape, sexual assault
- issue because women were urged by therapists to press charges –
many men convicted due to this
- psychiatric community went through same process as Freud when
dealing with memories
- community came to same conclusion: memories were not real
- not lies, but unconscious inventions
- evidence under hypnosis is unreliable now
- many men sent to jail were eventually vindicated
- Freud: dreams were the royal road to the unconscious
- Freud turned down Hollywood: would cheapen validity of his ideas
- early 1930s: Adolf Hitler comes to power
- 1934/35: Freud might be in danger, people suggested he leave
- Nazis took over Austria, Jews began to be persecuted
- Freud resisted leaving home, now in his 80s
- 1935: Gestapo arrested his daughter, took her in for questioning,
suggesting that she and family would come under increasing scrutiny
- Nazis burned copies of Freud’s writings
- Freud was not willing to risk life of his family, so he then left by
paying off Nazis
- settled in London, spent the last year and a half of his life
- 23 Sept, 1939 he passed away
- lost most of his family in holocaust
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