PSYCH 2B03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Defence Mechanisms, Christian Meditation, Eastern Religions

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25 Aug 2016
Maslow’s Eight-Fold Way
- even if not self-actualized, there are habits of mind and behaviour
that we can cultivate so we can achieve self actualization
- way: Maslow borrowing from eastern psychology/religion
construct in Buddhism
Maslow never directly references, but was heavily influenced by
eastern religion
Buddhism: way to happiness and end of suffering
Maslow: habits of behaviour/mind which can bring us closer to self
actualized state
1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-development: using all our abilities to accomplish our
goals/working away at what we want to do/putting everything into our
journey/using all talents and abilities
3. Growth choices: some choices are simple, others lead to personal
choice for potential growth
outcome unclear, hence we avoid them/are afraid of them
4. trusting judgment
5. peak experiences: brief intense period of de-cognition; unexpected;
gives us a vision of what life could be like; gives perception of the
Maslow believed in psychedelic drug usage: lead to peak experiences
Eventually backed off support for drug induced awareness: realized not
all drug trips are positive
Not necessary, unable to plan, may not come at all
Can lead to movement towards personal growth and self actualization
6. honesty: does not mean just not telling lies
take full responsibility for the choices you make
don’t blame others
7. concentration
ability to fully direct attention to what we’re doing in the moment
linked to Buddhist construct of mindfulness: powerful tool for
counseling and psychotherapy
8. no ego defenses
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find more resources at
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