PSYCH 2B03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 29: Heredity, Heritability

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25 Aug 2016
Biological Bases of Personality
- don’t attach personalities to specific genes
- people have tried to estimate relative significance by biological bases
to personality
- we all notice: to some degree it runs in families
- problem: family resemblance does not necessarily come about
because of biological inheritance
- create environment which is conducive to developing same
Factors Involved in Personality
- genetics: uncertain
- shared environment
- non-shared environment
- interaction of nature and nurture
- phenotype: measurable, aspects of personality, hair colour, eye
colour, IQ, personality
- genotype: to what extent does it influence phenotype?
Problems with Studies
- DZ twins confused as MZ
can look very similar to each other: everyone believes they’re identical
without checking DNA
- selective placement: correlated environments in adopted twins
assuming 0 correlation in environment: but that’s not how agencies
twins: very careful to make sure environments are as similar as
possible to parents original environment
assuming homes were different: often quite similar
- differences between MZ and DZ twins in environmental similarity
- assertive mating: greater parent-child similarity
Heritability Coefficient
- applies only to groups, not individuals
- varies from population to population, and over time
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find more resources at
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