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PSYCH 2C03 Lecture Notes - The Control Group, Future Shop, Field Experiment

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Jennifer Ostovich

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· 1) Consistency
o don’t be a flip flopper ; choose a position and stick with it or you wont be trustworthy
o normative pressure
· 2) reciprocation
o evolutionary and social pressure to reciprocate favours
o do someone a favour, and they must do one for you
Consistency Based Tactics 1:
Low Balling:
· Secure a deal
· Change the terms of the deal after commitment
· Deals on cars/ Future shop
· Research (Cialdini)
o IV= low-ball vs control
o Control = experiment at 7 AM = 1/3 come in
o Low ball: want to participate in an experiment? Sure. Okay come in at 7AM. ; most of
them couldn’t get out of it so about 2/3 came in
o DV= % willing to participate
Low Balling for good?
· DV= % reduction in energy consumption
· Pallak research: IV step 1: called residents of Iowa before winter started; asked them to
conserve energy gave them tips;
· Control group keeps getting conservation tips in the mail etc
· Step 2: if you can cut energy by 10% you’ll get your name in the newspaper and become
admired “publicity” = lowered energy by 12 percent
· Step 3: low ball = sorry the local newspaper will not comply with our request;
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