PSYCH 2C03 Lecture Notes - Michael Jordan, Binge Drinking, Doctor Who

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Published on 22 Apr 2013
When and why do we conform?
Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? -James Thurber
Conform- doing what other people are doing
Ex. Elevator experiment- depending on what direction ppl are standing person follows crowd
A lot of people would rather be anti conformist
Why Conform?
In evolutionary past it would have been important to fit in (sometimes a matter of life or death)
o The need to fit in is a basic human need
We will do anything we can to avoid looking silly or stupid in front of others
o Self-esteem, fear of rejection
o Conforming leads to more respect
Therefore we conform
o Fairytale Han Christian Anderson "The emperor's new clothes"
*what different type of conformity are shown through this fairytale?**
o Binge drinking is fun!
Research suggests that this is a conformity
They think everyone likes binge drinking but later when told no one likes it, they stop
binge drinking
o No….I don't want dessert
If no one wants dessert at the table you tend to conform and don't get dessert or vice
o I love acid wash jeans!
When first introduced was viewed as ugly, but once introduced as fashion fad, then
viewed as fashionable
o I was just following orders
Compliance (obedience)- you conform due to fear
Authority makes us conform
Ex. Hitler, Nazis
3 Types of Conformity
Being liked
Being right
Do what it takes for people to like you
To avoid rejection or social
Behave in a manner which is viewed as right
Normative pressure
Pressure to conform to what is normative
What is the norm? Ex. Latest fashion fads
Informational pressure
The seeking of information/ trying to find the
'correct' response and to do that you need to
observe what others do that is viewed as right
Conformity in which you act at odds with your
beliefs or perceptions because of pressure from
Conformity in which you gather information from
others and behave like them because you are not
sure of the correct response
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