PSYCH 2C03 Lecture Notes - Binge Drinking, Pluralistic Ignorance, Murder Of Kitty Genovese

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Published on 22 Apr 2013
Bystander Intervention
We tend to do nothing about the emergency, because of conformity
When we are in groups we start conforming with one another
The Bad Apple?
KItty Genovese- 38 people aware of her being murdered
One of witnesses called out "stop attacking her" witness saw that no one came out of their
apartment to help her
After 30 minutes someone called the police
Why did no one help? New york city people where labeled Bad apple (bad people)
Conformity? New yorkers are conformists like everyone else
Latane and Darley's (1970) Bystander Intervention Model
Ambiguity- emergencies may seem ambiguous, you may not know that it is an emergency
Because of ambiguity you start searching for information,= informational pressure
You don’t want social pressure, you don’t want people thinking your indifferent
Everyone is trying to gather information from other people, but that is what everyone
else is doing, this fake behavior (calm behavior) is called pluralistic ignorance-seeking
of information of others while trying to hide your own view not knowing they are
doing the exact same thing therefore person in emergency will not get help
Normative pressure-makes us want to look calm, because afraid of rejection
We have strong normative pressures to fit in and not to stick out in negative ways, so we act calm
and think of emergency as not an emergency
Normative sets up situation in which given information ends up being incorrect
Diffusion of Responsibility- more people around you less responsibility you feel,
responsibility is diffused, start looking around and think someone else will help (but
everyone is thinking the same)
Pluralistic Ignorance- big factor in peer pressure
Princeton Drink study (prentice & Miller)
Did study on drinking
See if Binge drinking is enjoyed or if everyone think they enjoy binge drinking
How comfortable are you with drinking on campus?
How comfortable is the average Princeton student with drinking on campus?
If you score below 6 you are not comfortable
Students said themselves they are not comfortable 5
Student think average student is comfortable is above 6
So the average student think the other average students enjoy binge
drinking but they actually don't
Peer pressure?
Normative and informational pressures to conform
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