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Lecture 23

PSYCH 2H03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Zoom Lens

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Ellen Maclellan

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Lecture 23 Organizing attention
early vs. late selection:
- Early selection models: all info processed for basic physical characteristics then selected
for meaning at bottleneck
- Late selection: all info processed for both physical characteristics and meaning before
reaching bottleneck
organizing attention: How do we organize what to pay attention to?
both space based and object based theories contribute to how we organize our attention*
- Spotlight metaphor
o Idea that your attentional focus is small and you orient it around the visual scene
- Zoom lens metaphor
o Idea that your attentional focus is small and your orient it by zooming in on
particular things in the scene
- Space-based attention: can we prime a location in space in a similar manner to priming a
o Answer: yes
Posner and colleagues: Spacial Cueing studies
- Presented with a fixation cross, and then presented with an arrow (that either points left
or right)
o A target will then appear
o You have to predict whether the target appears on left or right (try to ignore
where arrow is pointing)
o look at slide for valid v. invalid cues
- Summary of cue conditions:
o Neutral cues (control condition)
o Valid cues (80% of directionally cued trials)
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