PSYCH 3CB3 Lecture 7: SEPT 23

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Published on 12 Oct 2016
September 23, 2016
Behavior --> Affect + Cognition Consistency
Cook, Pallas, Storms & McCall (1977):
o University students opposed to nuclear power plants write attitude consistent, or
counter attitudinal essay
o Attitude measured again
o Had inds write an essay about desirability or non-desirability of building power
plants. These students were initially opposed (very common in the 70s)
One half asked write consistent w/ their attitude (pro-attitudinal essay,
supporting their view)
Other half against their attitude, counter-attitudinal essay
Pro attitude essay - after was even more against the power plant
Counter essay - less negative than before - indicating that changing our
behavior may also change our attitudes
Perspectives on Attitude Behavior Consistency
Single act criteria: Best predictor of single act, is intention to engage in that act
o Very specific behaviors are not well predicted by general attitudes
o E.g. Joining Sierra club
Multiple act criteria: global attitude measures better predictor of combo of multiple acts
than of single acts
o E.g. protecting environment - doing multiple clean up events (Sierra clean up, Cootes
lea up, et…
o Collect patterns of behavior and match to that set
Correspondence Issues: hard to say what behaviors should follow from some attitudes
o Closer measured attitudes is to behavior measured, the better it will be as predictor
o E.g. attitude toward Sierra club better predictor of donation than attitude toward
Inconsistency: relationship between various pieces of that attitudes (attitudes, affect,
behaviors, cognitions, thoughts)
o Difference between valence and valence of individual components of attitude
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