PSYCH 3CB3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Geometric Shape, Classical Conditioning, Cockroach

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Published on 12 Oct 2016
September 30 2016
Monahan, Murphy and Zajonc (2000):
Presentation Phase
o Chinese ideographs flashed followed by masking stimulus (array of white and grey
o Geometric shape flashed followed by masking stimulus
o Presented 1 time or 5 times
Testing Phase: Rated Liking
o Old (familiar) - Chinese ideograph and geometric shape
o New (similar) - other ideograph, other shape
o New (novel) - geometric shape randomly, ideograph
o Subliminally shown either ideographs or shapes
o Rate liking of some of ideographs/shapes they saw (1 or 5 times) and rate novel
o Asked to rate completely new stimulus (either shape or ideographs) whichever they
hadn't seen
Why Mere Exposure Effect?
Subjective familiarity:
o Birnbaum-Mellers: Subjective familiarity = liking
Person's subjective impression that the stimulus is familiar produces
expression of liking
o Moreland-Zajonc: subjective recognition plus subjective effect
Due to combination
Frequency --> subjective recognition - familiarity; Confidence and accuracy in
estimates of frequency
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