PSYCH 3CB3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Product Placement

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Published on 9 Jan 2015
Attitudes are evaluative judgements of things
Assessment of people's attitudes
Designing tests for measuring attitudes is hard!
Happens in marketing and product placement
Series with positive and negative end
Active or Passive
Good or Bad
Bipolar scales are used to evaluate things
Semantic Deferential Technique
Allows to assign value to attitudes, numbers
Thurstone's Equal Appearing Interval Scale
Likert's Summated Scale
Empirically Determined Scale
Good, Bad, Ugly…
Collect a large number of statements
Give statements to many, many judges to divvy up the statements into 10 piles (most
negative 1, neutral 5, and most positive 10)
Now you assign a MEDIAN value to each statement (to each statement give the
MEDIAN value from all judges)
Now you choose couple of items that have the lowest dispersion and most
consensus of value assignment
Now you give the statements to your REAL subjects and see if they either AGREE or
Now get the average of items they AGREED with
Developing the Thurstone's Scale
Collect a large number of statements
Get the judges' idea of degree of agreement or disagreement
Strongly Agree and Strongly Disagree (take those ratings) and arrange them
Get those statements and give them your REAL subjects to the with numbers
assigned to the Scale of Agreement/Disagreement
Score the number's average to get attitude reading
Developing a Likert's Scale
Reverse the scale or Reverse Score it!
But what about negative and positive statements mix?!
Quick to administer
Cheap to administer
Quantitative Analysis
Assuming we have conscious access to our attitudes
Assuming we store the attitudes that we've had
What is your mood? Immediate and Prior Experiences
Marriage Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction = Corr.0.67
Life Satisfaction and Marriage Satisfaction = Corr. 0.37
What is the wording? Structure and Wording
Sensitive to context effect?
PROS and CONS of Explicit Measures
Explicit Measurements (Ask Directly)
Lecture 2 - Measuring Attitudes
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