PSYCH 3CD3 Complete Lecture 1 Class Note

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**Prof example of trips through the “hood”
*** Poor Intergroup Relation examples include; jews vs nazis, Rwanda genocide, black
**ALLPORT; wrote first text on prejudice
Had racist sayings ie. “the only trouble with the yanks is that they’re overpaid, over-sexed,
and over here”
If you have that stereotype, then no matter what that person does, we will assume negative
> a never-ending cycle
***WAX; early study on anti-semitism
Wax sends out letters for bookings to 100 resorts, for same dates. Every resort got both of:
written by lockwood = WHITE
written by greenberg = JEW
> 95% for WHITE
>> ONLY 50% replies for JEW
(even during a period shortly post WW2 when the resorts desperately needed business!)
So, clear discrimination.
****2014; Sexism
People taking courses online, randomly assigned to course that was taught by either a
woman or a man;
taught by woman who they thought was a man (WM)
taught by woman who they knew was a woman (WW)
taught by a man who they thought was a woman (MW)
taught by a man who they knew was a man (MM)
> what mattered was not the actual gender, but what people THOUGHT the gender was (in
rating the profs)
The Modern World: has communication quickly all over the world, we grow up with other
cultures, a lot of experience
> and YET, stereotypes and prejudice still exist = mere exposure not sufficient
ie. jews, muslims, first nations, etc
> triangle, S/PD with all three two way arrows
Prejudice (affect); biased EMOTIONAL response to a group
love prejudice for ingroup, hate prejudice for outgroup
> can come from stereotype, knowing bad things about them can make you not like them
>> can come from discrimination, ie. more likely to hire one group, we assume we don't like
them (justification), a DR (dissonance reduction)
Stereotypes (cognitive); GENERALIZATION about a group and all of it’s members
> even positive stereotypes can take away someones special skills
ie. an asian not getting credit for being good at math, “just because they're asian”
Discrimination (behaviour); biased BEHAVIOUR towards a group
Lecture 1
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