PSYCH 3CD3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: 3 Women, Dispositional Attribution, Stereotype

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Stereotypes which are cognitive aspect (unfair generalization applied to group and its
Prejudice is an affect based state (emotional state associated with the group…love/hate
Discrimination is biased behaviour associated with some group
3 Factors that fundamental to Intergroup Relations
Where do they come from? Why do we use them? What are they about?
They are not all that accurate…they aren't that helpful so where do they begin?
Categories by nature include information and that information of HUMANS includes
Categorization is so innate…natural (6 month babies do it)
We all do it, it takes MENTAL effort to STOP USING STEREOTYPES
We tend to PUT more information for categories WE DON'T belong to, for navigating
through said category!
White Person is more like a COP, and Black Person is more like a CRIMINAL
WHY do we stereotype?
Recorded discussion between 3 women and 3 men, pre-rated in attractiveness,
ideas are pretested
Variation 1: Told to categorise ideas by gender, who said what
Variation 2: Told to just listen
Subjects shown images of the faces while listening to recording and
POP Quiz: "Guess Who said it!"
Subjects were able to get gender correct but not the speaker for both genders!
Result: NO matter which variation…people made the same mistake!
IV made no difference in this experiment!
Taylor Et Al
Research Evidence that CATEGORIZATION is INNATE
Limited cognitive capacity
One thing humans are good at is to avoid thinking deeply about everything!
Categorization SIMPLIFIES most things
Stereotypes are BASICALLY cognitive SHORTCUTS
WHY do we categorize?
Salience is the most important thing!
We notice it first if its most salient, PRIMITIVE Categories are RACE, AGE, GENDER
THEN we have Helpful Categories (specifically what WE find or think would be helpful)
SALIENCE is Target - Dependant
How easily a certain category is brought to mind
Experience, Personal Reasons dependent
Category Accessibility is person who is doing the categorization dependant
WHICH categories?
Makes categories more salient or not
"Workman's Club Image" - 2 women, and 1 Boy (gender and age category becomes more
Social Context
Stereotyping cannot hurt furniture, harm happens with people because no two people are the
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is the KEY PLAYER IN FORCING STEREOTYPES!
Lecture 2
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