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Religious Studies
Ann Pearson

The Aryans moves south east into Indus Valley Civilization, present day India and Pakistan.   1500 bce– 1700 bce: Arya moved south and east and moved through Pakistan to India  We do not have physical artefact about the Aryan so we don’t know exactly when they came  They left behind vedas  Arya is form iran  No central way of living like a hindu; many forms  Pakistan/India had the indus valley civilization then o The indus valley people were there since 2500 BCE o Around 1700 bce, their civilization started to decline; maybe because of water resources o So they decdided to move further down the indian subcontinent  Aryan invasion theory; not consider applicable theory o Aryan warriors came into Pakistan and destroyed the civilization  People moved further south and started to settle around the ganges  Vedas written in Sanskrit(means perfect)  Shiva; peaceful, meditating, short temper o Wife: parvati o Son: Ganesh  Was born while shiva was away  Was born in full form  When he comes back, he sees Ganesh and thinks its his wifes boyfriend and hurts him  The wife comes out and tells
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