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McMaster University
Religious Studies
Ann Pearson

 Oldest Veda was Rig Veda Indus Valley Civ: Religion  One of the oldest civilizations in the world  The script was never satisfactorily deciphered o so very speculative  Harappan Seal; very small  Devas are personifications of the natural forces within the universe and much more o God of wind/thunder (joos greek god) o Agni fire o Varuna waters, moral law o Soma the sacrifice, name of a plant which is used in rituals, the liquid of the plant is drunk  it’s a hallucinogenic drug (this is in many other religions, some use mushrooms)  Used under highly controlled circumstances  Specific ways to get the juice and drink while chanting stuff o Prajapati (creator of earthly life)  Something is put in fire and while its burning away it transforms; shape is transformed into ash o The smoke goes up o It energizes the devas(natural forces within the universe) o We are dependant on the natural world and natural forces o We are not in full control (i.e hurricane, tornadoes)  Veads are shruti: sacred of text as they are heard by the meditating sages and are not made up o They are a part of how the world is  The vedas don’t talk about temples or formtions of god o Their religion was a portable religion n
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