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Religious Studies
Joe Larose

Premodern East Asia October 1, 2013 Early Chinese Dynasties The Xia dynasty (ended in 1600BCE) is listed in traditional records as China‟s first dynasty. The Shang dynasty (c.1600 BCE to c. 1045 BCE) is China‟s first historical dynasty. The Zhou dynasty (c.1045BCE to 221BCE) follows the Shang. Shang Oracle Bones In addition to the remains mentioned above, a large number of oracle bone fragments, numbering over a hundred and fifty thousand, have been found. They are usually either the scapula of an ox or the plastron (lower shell) or a tortoise. Zhou Dynasty History c.1045 BCE the Shang dynasty ended. Its armies were defeated in the battle of Muye by the armies of Zhou. The Zhou dynasty was in power from c. 1045BCE to the 3 century BCE. Although these dates make the Zhou the longest historical dynasty, its empire was consolidated only until c. 771BCE, when it split apart. Confucius (551-479BCE) We know nothing for sure about him. He did not have a lot of success in his life time when trying to share his train of thought with different states because no one would listen to him. A few centuries later the Shang dynasty adopted his thought. Confucius – The Analects Confucius is the Latinized name of Kongzi (Master Kong). The attributed to him Lunyu (Ordered Sayings) as also given a Latin name, the Analects. A collection of the sayings of Confucius and occasional reports of his activities collected by his disciples. Describes how he acted and what he did in certain situations. Also includes sayings of his immediate disciples. Confucian Statecraft Look back at the ancient ways and recreate them to make his society better. The ideas were not addressed to commoners/peasant class, but aimed at the Kings – run your kingdom this w
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