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Religious Studies
Mark Rowe

Best Job Ever by Mark Rowe - Is an ethnographer; travels and talks to different people o Studies living forms of the traditions - Suggests that his findings are between the ideal (in texts, statutes) or in the real world (churches, synagogues, mosques) - Suggests that the lotus sutra is the “infomercial that ends all infomercials” o Tells you about being perfect and advertises it in a sort of ways  Women perfect skin, hair, teeth  Men a perfect “male companion” - Learned that Buddhism in Japan was not what he thought it was o All of the schools of Buddhism in Japan is to taking care of the dead o Over 90% of all funerals is Buddhists o Derive their sole income from conducting funeral services and services following death o This is what he found as Buddhism pretty much everywhere - Studying death and funerals in Japan o Job of funerals is to transform the dead into a monk  Their heads are shaven, given a new Buddhist name, etc.  In Zen funerals, “koan”~ these kinds of questions that cannot be answered logically  Koan; if you do this it wont do, if you don’t do this it wont do, so tell me right now what you’ll do o The best answer is “mu”, the non-answer
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