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Religious Studies
Ann Pearson

RS 1B06 TERMS/CONCEPTS (2012) Eastern Religions Prof. A. Pearson Note: As scholar of religion John Hick has written: “Any discussion of religion in its plurality of forms is inevitably beset by problems of terminology. Each tradition has its own vocabulary, expressing its own system of concepts; and whilst these overlap with those of other traditions, so that there are all manner of correspondences, parallels, analogies and structural similarities, yet each set of terms is only fully at home in its own particular linguistic environment. We have very little in the way of a tradition-neutral religious vocabulary” (An Interpretation of Religion: Human Responses to the transcendent 2004:9). Hinduism Aryans karma yoga Agni Krishna avatara atman moksha guru Bhagavad Gita puja Smrti bhakti Rig Veda Shruti Brahman Upanishads aum brahmin samsara Vishnu caste (varna/ jati) Shakti or Devi Veda[s] dharma Shiva (Siva) vrat Dharmashastra tat tvam asi (thou art thattrimurti deva darshana prasada mantra/ om Mahabharata Ramayana Sikhism Adi Granth/Guru Granth Sahib khalsa Japji Guru Nanak Five Ks Gurdwara Guru Gobind Singh Kaur langar Granthi Kirtan Janam Sakhis Akal Purakh Buddhism
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