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Lecture 9

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Religious Studies
Ann Pearson

th Religious Studies 2H03 October 9 Lecture Jainism – a philosophy − based on the principle of reverence for life; − As action= nonviolence & non-possession − 'there is not quality of soul more subtle than non-violence and no virtue of spirit greater than the reverence for life'. Acaranga Sutra [c. 5 Cent. BCE] − “Injurious activities inspired by self-interest lead to evil and darkness. This is what is called bondage, delusion, death, and hell., To do harm to others is to do harm to oneself.” - bondage to ego, bondage to ignorance and bondage to this world − “You are he whom you intend to kill! You are he over whom you intend to tyrannize!' − “We corrupt ourselves as soon as we intend to corrupt others. We kill ourselves as soon as we intend to kill others.” Non violence for Jains is an everyday practice As a jain you want to get rid of karma 2 paths (of spiritual commitment): (i) for monks/nuns (ii) for laypersons − Monastics: the five great vows (mahavrata) − Laity: the lesser vows For all: − nonviolence − truthfulness − not-stealing − sexual restraint − non-possession “The world has enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed” - Gandhi Four types of violence acknowledged: − intentional − non-intentional − related to profession – fisher, leather worker, military, logger, farming − self-defense − all types of violence have karmic consequences for the a
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