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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Notes - Oct 22 - RELIGST 2HH3

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Religious Studies
Stephen Westerholm

LECTURE 7 RELIGST 2HH3 Lecture 13 October 22, 2013  Letter writing was once the preferred means of communication with people that you could not immediately be with Philippians  Reason for writing letter 1. Thank them 2. Sending back Epaphroditus 3. Update them on his news – he was in prison, possibly facing execution; walks them through what it would mean if he were to live or die (prepare them for the eventuality of his death); catastrophe could be a good thing, get them to think it through, rather than respond emotionally 4. Urging Unity (a seeming problem in the Philippian community)  No sense that there is danger of immorality, false preachers etc; no suspicions or doubt of Paul  Ask the Philippians to strive together; think of the needs of others, rather than themselves  Mentions two women by name and asks them to work together to promote the Gospel 5. Promote Christian Virtue - ? 6. Warning against false teachers a. Submission to the law  Doesn’t seem to be a present danger  Warning them of the same sorts of things that happened in Galatia (promotion of circumcision and the observance of the law) o In Galatia it is a present danger, Paul was worried that he was losing them  Seems more like a general concern – this could happen, so he warns them b. Concern arises that people misunderstand the message of freedom  Not subject to the law – but do not indulge sinful passions  Similar to halfway through chapter 5 of Galatians  Their god is their belly; boast in freedom  Philippians 1:6-11 o Take words by themselves – believed to be a hymn that people sang in honor of Christ; praise of Christ o In context – the force of these words is so that Philippians can think of the good of others, not only themselves; have the same mindset that Christ has, even though he was in the form of God, he emptied himself and lived as a man, slave and submitted himself to death, even death on a cross o Paul quotes words used to praise Christ in order to tell Philippians that they ought to be humble minded, but purpose extends further that Paul’s immediate purpose (which reinforces the idea that this passage was written with another propose as a hymn)  Purpose of these words  Christ emptied himself – Paul’s purpose  Honor of Christ – early hymn purpose (possibly written by Paul)  Philippians 3:2-11 o Similar passage to 1 Corinthians 11-12  Autobiographical element; boasting in his weakness o Similar to passage in Galatians 1  Autobiographical element; when he persecuted the church, tried to destroy it, then God intervened, revealed his Son, and he now Paul promotes the Church  Speaks of former zeal for the law  Philippians  God chose to reveal his son and Paul rejected all things in favor of Christ  Former life in Judaism  In becoming a believer in Christ, he rejected the righteousness based on the law, and chose the righteousness that comes from God based on faith o Gives positive reasons – knowing Christ is better, and now treats all else as rubbish o Negative reasons in Galatians – same general message  Underlying both passages – lived my life by embracing the law; now I have turned my back on it and I follow righteousness by way of faith; follow my example and do not submit to the law Colossians  Colossians probably written in the same time and place, and to the same palce as letter of Philemon because the same 6 people are with Paul o Book of Philemon 1 LECTURE 7 RELIGST 2HH3  Addressed to Philemon (man of the house), Apphia (presumably his wife), Archippus (his son) and the church th
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