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Lecture 5

RELIGST 2K03 Lecture 5: Relig St. 2K03 Week/Lecture 5 (Feb 1 2017)

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McMaster University
Religious Studies
Joe Larose

Week 5 - February 1/17 Early Developments, Buddhism’s First Patrons and the Spread of Buddhism The Buddha’s First Teaching The Last Words of the Buddha - “Monks, do not break into lamentations after I am gone, for all karmically constituted things are subject to passing away” - “Now, monk, I declare to you: all conditioned things are of a nature to decay - strive on untiringly.” Traditional Buddha Biography - Combination of the ordinary and the extraordinary - The Buddha versus a buddha, the Buddha is one among many (Strong, table 2.3) - The Buddha’s last life is the culmination of a long bodhisattva career, which includes a large number of prior lives, called jātakas (Strong, table 2.4) The Early Buddhist Community - The Three Jewels: - 1. The Buddha - 2. The Dharma (his teachings) - 3. The Samgha (his community) - The Four-fold Samgha: - Monks (the Buddha’s five former companions) - Nuns (his aunt Mahāprajāpatī) - Laymen (the merchants Trapusa and Bhallika) - Laywomen (Sujātā?) A Digression on the Buddhist Canon - The Buddhist Canon = The Tripitika (the three baskets) - Sutra = the teachings - Vinaya = rules for monastic behaviour - Abhidharma = scholastic reworkings of doctrine A Digression on the Buddhist Canon: Sutra - “Thus have I heard. Once the Lord was staying
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