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Lecture 9

RELIGST 2K03 Lecture 9: Relig St. 2K03 Lecture/Week 9 (March 1 2017)

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Religious Studies
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Joe Larose

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Lecture/ Week 12 - March 15/17 The Spread of Buddhism to East Asia The Five Periods of the Buddha’s Teaching 1. Avatamsaka Sutra 2. Hinayana Sutras 3. Early Mahayana Sutras 4. Perfection of Wisdom Sutras 5. Lotus Sutra Buddha Nature (tathāgata-garbha) - Buddha nature,“tathāgatagarbha,” is the latent potentiality we all have for Buddhahood - According to the Mahayana, all Buddhas have three bodies (trikaya) - the physical “manifestation body” (nirmāṇakāya) - the celestial “enjoyment body” (saṃbhogakāya) - the subtle “dharma body” (dharmakāya) - Gradual enlightenment versus sudden enlightenment Buddha Nature (tathāgata-garbha) - “The tathāgatagarbha is neither life nor death. The tathāgatagarbha is separate from the conditioned. The tathāgatagarbha is eternal and unchanging. Therefore, the tathāgatagarbha is the basis, the support, and the foundation . . . the tathāgatagarbha is not a substantial self, nor a living being, nor ‘fate,’ nor a person.” - “This tathāgatagarbha that is inherently pure is the inconceivable realm of the Tathāgata that has been contaminated by extrinsic defilements and other virulent defilements.” (both quotations from The Sutra of Queen Śrīmālā of the Lion’s Roar) - The dharma body is “from beginningless time uncreated, nonarising, indestructible, free from destruction, eternal, inherently pure, and separate from all the stores of defilement.” - The dharma body “is called the tathāgatagarbha when it is inseparable from the stores of defilement.” (both quotations from The Sutra of Queen Śrīmālā of the
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