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Lecture 11

RELIGST 2K03 Lecture 11: Relig St. Week/ Lecture 11 (March 15 2017)

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Religious Studies
Joe Larose

Week/ Lecture 13 - March 22/17 The Spread of Buddhism to East Asia Chan/Zen Koans - A monk asked Zhaozhou, “What is the meaning of the first patriarch Bodhidharma coming from the west?” The master replied, “The cypress tree standing in the courtyard.” - Wumen’s commentary: “If you understand Zhaozhou’s answer firsthand, there is no Sakyamuni from before and no Maitreya to come.” [You yourself are the Buddha right here and now, without any need for reverencing supernatural beings of the past and future.] The Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Lotus Sūtra, chapter 25) - “If incalculable hundreds of thousands of myriads of millions of living beings, suffering pain and torment, hear of this bodhisattva He Who Observes the Sounds of the World and single-mindedly call upon his name, the bodhisattva He Who Observes the Sounds of the World shall straightway heed their voices, and all shall gain deliverance.” - “If there is one who keeps the name of this bodhisattva He Who Observes the Sounds of the World, even if he should fall into a great fire, the fire would be unable to burn him, thanks to the imposing supernatural power of this bodhisattva.” - “If he should be carried off by a great river and call upon this bodhisattva’s name, then straightaway he would find a shallow place.” - “If there are beings in the land who can be conveyed to deliverance by the body of a buddha, then to them the bodhisattva He Who Observes the Sounds of the World preaches dharma by displaying the body of a buddha. To those who can be conveyed to deliverance by the body of a pratyekabuddha he preaches dharma by displaying the body of a pratyekabuddha . . .” - “To those who can be conveyed to deliverance by the body of boy or girl he preaches dharma by displaying the body of boy or girl. To those who can be conveyed to deliverance by the body of god, dragon, yakṣa, gandharva, asura, garuḍa, kinnara, mahoraga, human, or nonhuman he preaches dharma by displaying the appropriate body.” Dharmakara’s 18th vow - “If O Blessed One, when I have attained enlightenment, whatever beings in other worlds, having conceived a desire for right, perfect enlightenment, and having heard my name, with favourable intent think upon me, if when the time and the moment of death are upon them, I, surrounded by and at the head of my community o mendicants, do not stand before them to keep them from frustration, may I not, on that account, attain to unexcelled, right, perfect enlightenment.” (The Longer Land of Bliss Sutra) Pure Lands - “That buddha’s realm shall be named Free of Defilements (Viraja). Its land shall be flat and even, clean, well-adorned, tranquil, rich and abounding in gods and men. It shall have vaidurya for soil in an eightfold network of highways, each bordered with cords of pure gold. At their sides shall be columns of seven-jeweled trees, constantly bearing blossoms and fruit.” (Lotus Sutra, 51) - “That buddha shall have thousand-millionfold worlds equal in number to Ganges’ sands for a single buddha land, the seven jewels for earth, land as flat as the palm of the hand, without mountains or hills, vales or dales, river basins or hollows, the midst of the land filled with terraces and palaces of the seven jewels, the residences of its gods in the nearby skies, where men and gods may consort, each able to see the other, with no evil destinies, also without women, all living beings being born by transformation, there being no lewd desires . . .”(Lotus Sūtra, 146) Pure Lands, in the Vimalakirti Sutra - “At that time Shariputra, moved by the Buddha’s supernatural powers, thought to himself: ‘If the mind of the bodhisattva is pure, then his Buddha land will be pure. Now when our World - Honored One first determined to become a bodhisattva, surely his intentions were pure. Why then is this Buddha land so filled with impurities?’” - “The Buddha, knowing his thoughts, said to him, ‘What do you think? Are the sun and the moon impure? Is that why the blind man fails to see them?’”(Vimalakirti Sutra, 29) - “Shariputra replied, ‘No, World-Honored One. That is the fault of the blind man. The sun and moon are not to blame.’” (Vimalakirti Sutra, 29) - “Shariputra, it is the failings of living beings what prevent them from seeing the marvelous pu
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