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Lecture 3

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Religious Studies
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David Penner

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rd Death and Dying 2M03E- September 23 , 2013. Professor Penner. Bio Medicine -the way we think of the body impacts how we think of human beings -we want to take care of ourselves- this is universal. The Central Categories of Human Existence: 1. Space 2. Time - Both space and time can be connected together. - Essential to how we understand our lives/life - We operate within an enforced view of these two 3. Death 4. Language - Speaking and for thinking - We find things out about each other and about ourselves by speaking 5. Sight (or gaze). - “gaze”- different than just having your eyes ipen - Means we all have a perspective on the things that we see in our lives - Gaze is the way we strive to see things - We like to think our gaze is truthful The Gaze in Medicine -A biomedicine gaze has defines the way we see the world -the gaze in medicine connects the human body and gaze so it can protect it/keep it safe and secure. -attacks what threatens our bodies= protect our lives from our bodies. -this medical gaze has changed the way we think of our bodies and what it is to be human. The Replacement of Imagination with the Gaze -we used to guess with medical problems. We’d use our imagination and guess what needs to be done, not use the actual facts. (example: centuries ago treatment of headaches vs. today’s treatment of headaches) -we have now developed a factual site (clinical medicine)= we no longer use specular science A Change -we used to recognize that what we saw was connec
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