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Religious Studies
David Penner

th Death and Dying 2M03E- September 30 , 2013 Dr. Penner Samurai 3 Theories on Death and Life 1. Heidegger - The “they”. - We know nothing about death. 2. Bio Medical - We care for ourselves- turns into a medical care - Angst are deemed to be unhealthy and bad and are to be avoided - Pursue of a life of wealth, safety, and conformity 3. Samurai - How life and death are connected intimately - The life of a human being is to be found in our death - Way of the Samurai= to everyday see yourself as dead (Important!). Who Wants To Be A Samurai? -Samurai life= life in devotion to something separate from yourself. -Essentially being a servant and this is the highest calling for an individual. -Truth and acceptance of death is the only way to live a proper life full of dignity (relationship to religion). Basic Principle -Offers us the advice that we forget about ourselves in order to be ourselves. -Basic theory: detachment from ourselves. -Theme: to live a good life and pure life you must die to yourself. First Page -Negligence has become prevalent -The way of the Samurai is found in death -We all want to live -To die without completing one’s aim is not shameful Death of Attention -Start your day off by saying “I don’t mat
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