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Religious Studies
David Penner

st Religious Studies 2M03E- October 21 , 2013 Dr. Penner The Tibetan Book of the Dead- Part 1 Confidence and Authority -knowing about what happens when we die -firsthand accounts -information from the reborn -imaginative The Question of Faith -faith usually is a mystery -apparent need for faith is to have a faith not in mystery, but in some very specific answers about what happens to you when you die -faith in God -faith is true and you need to know it -need faith about the information about the other side of death is not only true, but you also need to have faith that you need to know this Importance of the text -without knowing this book, it is going to be tougher to die -you will get caught in a trap -you need to see it coming -text= a salvation -according to this book, you need to read all the details. It is much more helpful if you know the whole story going into death Information -information that can be written down and is universal -biomedical truths can be shown to us that we can be educated and to understand what it is to be true -information for a time not yet here -predicted empiricism -Cram it into your head; it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. All that matters is that you like it, believe it, and understand it. Do you believe? -it doesn’t matter if you believe or not -you have to read the text; it will be familiar to you in some way -you will remember some of the details in this text -if it is all true when you die or are dying, you actually have the experience that is in the book. You will have some training in what is going on -you will be able to make the right choices because the book put them into your head -the introduction is worth something The life you lead -it matters -it will be baggage, but it is not everything -you can still be enlightened -you will still be helped -the book doesn’t want to judge you, instead it wants to save you No threats -no persecutions -you do not have to suffer -this is journalism -all the questions of why we live at all and why we left the one is not answered here, they’re erased. -remember this so that you do not have to suffer Why should we care? -we are all ONE -you are me, we all come from the same -we are not brothers and sisters, we are the same thing -to seek it for me is inevitably to seek it for you -suffering and it’s avoidance: people think of their deaths as far off in the future and don’t think a lot of the hospital stays that are potentially in our futures
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