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Religious Studies
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David Penner

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th Death and Dying- 2MO3E- September 16 , 2013 Dr.Penner Heidegger -Human beings are drawn by once force- care about our self. At our essence, we care for ourselves (who we are, what happens to us) [love for ourselves] -Not egotism! -Questions: What’s best for me? What’s in it for me? -One of the ways we mainly care about ourselves is being ahead of ourselves (thinking about tomorrow) -We have a tendency to think of our lives in terms of projects/plans- future goals Our Dreams -Not our ideas. They come from others around us -How can I be like everyone else? Main reason for this= a deep confusion in what it is to actually care about ourselves -We feel safe being like everyone else due to the anxiety of self-consciousness, not fitting in, not being out casted/bullied/included- we want to fit in Plans Sculpt Understanding -We fit meaning into our plans -Different people have different uses for us The Loss -Our plan (about who we want to be) becomes a component of us -Anything outside of our plan becomes irrelevant and an annoyance -Our central question= How is our plan going? -We lose sense of who we authentically are because of this plan/ making sure it works -Our plans become bigger than our lives -No longer are out plans serving us as human beings, we’re serving our plans -Ex, acting different, pretending to be someone you’re The Broken Hammer -An interruption of the plan -You develop anxiety and angst -When something in the plan breaks, only then are we able to think about our lives and connections with people in a better/ deeper way then our plan did -we see the world as a little bit less under our control/more mysterious when our plan breaks -when this happens we see that maybe there’s more to life than our plan/ we need to stop being our own God -falling in love/ realising you’re going to die is like breaking your hammer -we don’t know how to re-write our plan to incorporate this. This moves and disturbs us -love cannot be named/ understood by us
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