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Oct28- Tibetan book of the dead part 2 Notes.docx

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Religious Studies
David Penner

Death and Dying 2M03E- October 28 , 2013h Dr. Penner Tibetan Book of the Dead- Part Two Safe in the Dull Light -Vice within all of us tugs at us to make choices/ decisions that are in death- not in our best interests -there’s something within us that wants to destroy us -egotism/jealousy seek to lead us by the hand away from possible truths of who we are -We are always tempted to choose the paths of the duller and depraved- we’re terrified -We know nothing but illusion -we build definitions of ourselves by the illusions that we are given -Hearts/minds/spirits become knowable to us on the basis of what the world tells us: the book says this -illusionary A Desire to Succeed -We afraid of poverty/impoverishment, and this dear commands us -What we actually fear is that we’re missing something/ not having what the world has to offer. Not have enough money to live like other people do -Ego- want to be perceived as “I am making it”, and “I am successful” -Not a fear of lack of food/shelter, but a fear of embarrassment -jealousy, covetousness (definition: greediness), and ego Changing Terms -The things we want in life= our vices tell us we want these things -proud and confident -Bored of this book? -Dismiss it as outdated? -If you get loaded up with illusion, you would want to choose vice over everything else Rest in Resignation -do not let them become you -dis-attach yourself from these things -let it go, let it be -ignore them -accept that the truth of you is something deeper and brighter -The light that you’re scared of= it’s from you, it is you, it’ from the truth of you -We want to be strong/ powerful/ impressive -we are the truth of the one -recognize that this is you, and you will be enlightened -6 day= they come at you all at once The thing that terrifies -is a product of our own pure love of ourself -We need to be told that this is love- we’ve become blind to love -Is our account of love just another way of talking about fear? -Can you give yourself to something that won’t give you anything in return? The Gift -a disturbance -we a
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