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Religious Studies
Sherry Smith

Film Notes: “Letting Go” (Episode 3 from series “Trip of Lifetime” with Greg Palmer) Funeral home: staging one’s own funeral Discussion about plague; practicing, preparing for and rehearsing one’s own death Osaka (Japan) – “funerals reflect the values of their society” Pensacola (US) drive-through window funeral home What do funerals have to have so that they work for the mourners as well as the deceased? Chief medical examiner, Washington DC. Unclaimed bodies cremated 30-60 days after death College of mortuary science Embalming – 6 out of 10 Americans are embalmed (shows process) Discussion of funeral home workers Ghana: chief medical examiner Bodies frozen while families save up for lavish funeral rituals “Community involvement seems to be very important in the entire funeral process. We don’t just get rid of the body—we care a lot about who does it.” Sydney, Australia: funeral home – “White Lady Funerals” Discusses role (and perception) of women as grievers Discussion of the significance of community involvement in funerals. Discussion of the British funeral camaraderie at funerals Ghana: Funeral as a community catalyst is worldwide Funeral among the Ashanti – takes 3 days
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