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Feb 26

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Religious Studies
Sherry Smith

Relig St 2N03- February 26th Brain death - Robyn and Dylan benson o Robyn had a headache, was pregnant and was found on the floor, in hospital they tried to revive her but found blood in her brain, she was brain dead. They kept her on a ventilator, to bring the fetus to term, and then it was delivered by c- section still early. o In this case family, and medical team wanted to keep her on life support, fetus was developing normally o Named the baby Ivor - Erick and Marlise Munoz o Marlise was 14 weeks pregnant, she was found on the floor and pronounced brain dead. Her body was kept alive for the sake of the fetus for 8 weeks o Erick did not want her kept alive on life support because it was not her wish o Hospital demanded she be kept on life support for the sake of the fetus o He took them to court, they were eventually forced to take her off life support o His main complaint was that if she was not pregnant, she would not be kept on machines o Eventually they found fetus was no longer viable Conditions that resemble death - Inorganic and unresponsive o Invented/natural world- “motor has died”  Rock contrast to our vulnerable and soft flesh  Stone representative of death mythology o Medusa- gorgon  One look at medusa would turn you into stone o Integrated psycho-bio-electro-mechanical process  Person in ICU connected to machines, is this a living person?  System in which human and non human components have merged together to form a system of their own • Robocop- cyborg • Part human part machine - Sleep and altered states of consciousness o Hypnos/thanatos o Orthodox jews  Give thanks in the morning but being given life again o Some ppl replace the word death with sleep for children o Fairytale figures  Characters believed to be dead are actually in a deep enchanted sleep o People may dream that they are actually dead - Social death o Occurs when a person who is physically alive is treated as if they are dead o Recognizes that when we die in the eyes of others may become less of a person o May happen to people in nursing homes, or people who HIV/AIDS, or people in prison, in western examples o In non western examples, maybe someone who is thought of as a sorcerer o Shunning in some Christian religious traditions o Robert hertz  Death and the right hand  Searched for symbolism of death thorugh examination of mortuary practices in borneo  Death is a social event  Death is best understood as a right of passage • Make transition from visible hear now to invisible hereafter.  Death is threshould from which person passes from one social realm to another social realm o Most often social and biological death coincide temporally o Usually have a memorial or funeral service which marks the social death o New trend for pre-death or pre-departure parties,  If someone is terminally ill, which have event to say goodbye to people o Social death can precede biological death o In north America brain dead individuals are socially dead Brain death and the Harvard criteria - By 1950s – recognition that some patients were beyond coma o No electrophysiological signals detected o Extensive degeneration of brain tissue  Known as respirator brain o Movement from possible medical procedures to organ donation o Remarkable change in reinvention of death o In a person the heart would still be beating, but patient dead enough to take parts out of their body o Prior to 1968, physicians in north America and Europe turned off ventilators when they felt their condition was irreversible o As num
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