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McMaster University
Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

Introduction  Islam- act of submission  Muslim-is on who submits, to the will of one god  Quran- A book of the Muslim believes o uses the term Muslim for people before the coming of the prophet of Muhammad o retells the old stories from the old testament o we were created by ex-nihilism (out of nothing)  there are similarities and difference  Abraham was born in Mesopotamia/ Ur- now known as Iraq 4000 years ago  covenant- contract between God and Abraham  Abraham is to believe in one god, was from a polytheistic society o he had 2 wives  mecca- first migration of Abraham o the Ka’aba- a temple built by Abraham and Ishmael to worship one god  Moses- 10 Commandments o born and brought up in the pharaohs  David – becomes the king of Israel o captures Jerusalem o his son Solomon builds a temple; the dome of the rock  destroyed by the Babylonians  holy for the Jewish-people and Muslims  Jesus – born 3BC o more about Jesus in the gospel there are 4 of them and letters o injeel- is the new testament o is not the son of god, or god, Islam rejects the idea of him being crucified o the Quran does not mention the reappearance of Jesus – but from Hadith  Muhammad o born in 570 CE in Mecca o the era he was born in is called the Jahiliyya- means ignorance in a way of moral bankruptcy  during that period there was a tribal society, fighting and feuding there was no sense of right or wrong, the rich would exploit the poor, there was female infanticide, no justice, no concept of the hereafter there were 360 gods, all housed in the Ka’aba (built by Abraham and Ishmael) there was a god for everything there, there was one supreme god- Allah  Allah is a generic term in Arabic literally means Al-ilah – The God  existed before Islam o 570-558 (Bagdad was destroyed) o 1798- the modern are of Islam o never met his father o mother died when he was 6 o took care of his grandfather o was a shepherd o Khadija- proposed to Muhammad o (marriage is a contract) o 610 at the age of 40- he gets a revelation; was meditating in the mountain  Gabriel came to him and said read  most schools of thought said that he was illiterate  the first verse revealed- from chapter 97  there is only on god and that Muhammad is the messenger/prophet  he went to Khadija- and told her an
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