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Intro to Islam September 10

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Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Religious 2Q03 S EPTEMBER 10, 2013 ISLAM  The act of submission to Allah  Muslim is the one who submits to the will of Allah  Qur’an utilizes the word Islam and Muslim for those who came before the prophet Muhammad (in a generic sense, to demonstrate for the submission of Allah)  For Muslims, there is only one god (Allah) the creator of humanity  The Qur’an retells some of the stories present in the old testament (Bible) o In the Qur’an Eve was not created out of Adam’s rib, and in the Qur’an Adam was not tempted by Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. o Abraham was born in Mesopotamia (Iraq) – Ur approx. 4,000 y/a  Covenant – contract between Abraham and God  Terms of the contract: Abraham was supposed to worship only one God, and he was living in a polytheistic society. Abraham had Sarah and Hagarah (was born Ismael), and later on Sarah conceives (Isaac).  In the Qur’an Abraham leaves Hagarah and Ismael in Mecca and built the Kabba dedicated to the worship of one God.  Abraham is buried in a place called Hebron  Isaac had a son called Jacob, and Jacob had 12 sons, and one particular son Joseph and Benjamin  Chapter 12 story of Joseph (thrown into well imprisoned) o Moses born in Egypt as a slave and then raised in the king’s family as their own son. God talks to Moses through the burning bush. People of God are the Israelites and the Qur’an also talks of the Israelites (children of Jacob, the descendants of Jacob).  Lost in the desert 40 years. o David and Solomon  David becomes the king of Israel and slaves Goliath  Captures Jerusalem (City of King David)  For Muslims, he’s also a prophet and his son is called Solomon (Suleiman)  Solomon builds a temple in Jerusalem. The temple was originally built by Solomon, destroyed by the Babylonians and destroyed by the Romans and this site is holy for the Jews and for the Muslims. o Jesus – 3 BC  Most of what we know about Jesus comes from the New Testament  The Qur’an does accept Jesus but unlike the Bible it does not accept Jesus as God or the Son of God, it rejects the doctrine of Trinity and rejects the idea of crucifixion, but it does accept the idea of Immaculate Conception.  Jesus preaching threatened the Roman Empire. He was seen as a threat religiously and politically, whether he was executed or not depend on which scripture is read.  Because Jesus did not die and he was raised to the heavens, just like Christians, Muslims also believe that Jesus will come back (but not mentioned in the Qur’an) - from the Hadith. 1 Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Religious 2Q03 o Muhammad was born in Saudi Arabia, Mecca in the year 570 CE (Common ERA). The period in which he was born is called Jahiliyya (morally bankruptcy). In Islamic tradition, ignorance means lack of Morality.  During the period it was a tribal society. There was no sense of right or wrong. The right would devour and exploit the poor. Before Islam, girls were buried alive, and the only crime was that they were girls. There was no central police system and no concept of the hereafter. There were many Gods, which were housed in the Kabba. This was the kind of society that Muhammad was born in, Inequality, Unjust, severe exploitation of the poor and slaves… etc. Out of all of these Gods, there was “Allah” … Allah is a generic term in Arabic. The term Allah in Arabic means “The God” – Al Ilah  570: seen as the beginning of the classical period of Islam. 1258; the Mongols destroyed Baghdad. Middle ages began in Islam. He never met his father before he was born, and his mother died when he was 6 years old and was looked after by his grandfather.  Khadija proposed to Prophet Muhammad, and she having seen the honesty and character she proposed to him.  Prenuptial contract for marriage in Islam.  When prophet Muhammad was given a revelation at 40, and an angel asked him to read and prophet Muhammad said he was illiterate and Muhammad read. The angel told Muhammad and that he prophet Muhammad was a prophet of God and was to reveal the message (to humanity) angel Gabriel.  Khadija was the first to accept Islam  Ali was the first accept Islam as a child (son of Abu Talib)  Abu Bakar was the first to accept as an adult  Mecca was a trading center  Muhammad belonged to the tribe of
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