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Intro to Islam September 17

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McMaster University
Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

Class notes for September 17 , 2013 Religious Studies 2Q03 Intro to Islam S EPTEMBER 17, 2013 BADR – Battle took place because of the caravans that were passing; removal of property from these caravans; 624; Prophet Muhammad changed the direction of the prayer from Jerusalem to Kabbah; Muruwwa – Manliness; traits and values; - courage, bravery & retaliation;  Tribal concept and tribal society;  Hospitable to people of your tribe and those with whom your tribe has a pact and an agreement with;  Quraysh – Guardians of the Kabbah; seething with anger the idea of revenge; UHUD – mountains surrounding Medina; (Yathrib)  625  Medina (Muslims) that were asked to guard the hill left their position to get the spoils of war; 626 Alliances; Jews - Did not like Muhammad, but were part of Ummah; - Jews challenged by Muhammad by their belief; had agreed to be part of the Ummah but challenged; some of the tribes joined alliances with the Quraysh (Meccans;) Battle of the Trench - Salman (Persian) suggested to the muslims to dig a trench so that one could not cross a hole; - Arabs; left K A ’ABA Abraham and Ishmael; - Mecca controlled by the Quraysh; - Pilgrimage; - Muslims were on the outskirts of Mecca (Hudaibiyya) o 10 year truce between Muslims and Meccans; but if the Meccans attack the Muslims or vice versa; the peace treaty was null and void; o Were allowed to come back and only for 3 days; 630  Muslims were attacked on the outskirts of Medina;  Attackers were Meccans;  Muhammad declared the peace treaty null and void;  Even though Meccans claimed they were not responsible; Muslims had increased in numbers; and in the same year the Muslims marched into Mecca (almost 10,000);  Abu Sufyan; (The Message;) one of the worst enemies of the Prophet with his wife and both were given amnesty.  Removed all of the idols from the Kaa’ba because God cannot be represented in idols and images; 1 Class notes for September 17 , 2013 Religious Studies 2Q03 Intro to Islam 632  Set out for his pilgrimage;  Islam had not left Saudi Arabia during the time of prophet Muhammad;  Died in Medina at the age of 63;  When he died, Umar refused to believe that the prophet Muhammad was dead;  Abu Bakar came and told everyone that Muhammad was dead; the Prophet was gone, but not God… Qur’an –  Scripture; has to be interactive; the book and the community; the book and the effect that it has on the people;  Scripture is a scripture only when it has a community who treat it like one; no book is a scripture in itself; but due to the impact it has on the people; the scripture is something by which the people’s lives are changed; and as the relationship and interpretation of the scripture changes, their lives change too;  Books are interpreted and this interpretation changes with time;  Verses are in a particular context; interpretation changes and how it impacts and touches the life of people changes;  Scripture is a living reality in the lives of the people;  The Qur’an is not read, it is recited; memorized, commit to memory;  The Qur’an is recited, lived by and has an effect on people o Generate piety, inspires people;  Muslims are supposed to see the Qur’an as a moral document; it is not a historical book, it doesn’t tell details of the law, most of Islamic law does not come from the Qur’an; does not tell you the specific; but it’s a book of guidance rather than a book of history, cannot base Islamic law on the Qur’an only.  It is supposed to be seen more as a Mirror rather than a w
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