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Intro to Islam October 1

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Religious Studies
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Liyakat Takim

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OCTOBER 1 2013SaquifaSuccession of the Prophet Muhammad Umar appointed Abu Bakr and put him as the first caliphAllegiance Strong point that Umar said ABU BAKRRIDDAH Wars against communities that wouldnt pay tax and was seen as a sign of apostasy turning away from GodLaw of apostasy in Islam UMARAPPOINTED BY ABU BAKR UTHMAN Ali and Uthman were both asked to follow the first two Caliphs the Sunnah Nepotism Lack of control of the GovernorsTurning against the Caliph and lead to a group coming from Egypt who felt that the governor of Uthman in Egypt Third Caliph Uthman was killed in his home he was pious and not corrupt but being a leader he was not strong those under him misused his power by a group that came from Egypt and came to his home Medina was still the capital of Islam ALIBECAME THE FOURTH CALIPH AND THE FIRST SHIA IMAM MUAWIYAAli dismissed him because he felt he wasnt fit to be governorAli because of his ideals soon faced rebellion Muslims fighting against MuslimsCivil warClose companions of the Prophet fighting and killing each otherWARS1 AISHATHE BATTLE OF THE CAMEL AL JAMAL a When Ali became the Caliph she was against itb Companions of Ali turned against him and urged Aisha to lead a battlec Battle occurred in the same year that Ali became the Caliph d Basra location e First time that Muslims were killing Muslims f Ali won the battle given her status he treated her respectfully and sent her back to Medina and retired in Mecca g Some of the most prominent companions of the Prophet were killed i Talhaii Zubayrh Muawiya brought out the blood stained shirt of Uthman 1
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