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Lecture 5

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Religious Studies
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Liyakat Takim

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Lecture 5 (Oct 15) 10/15/2013 3:06:00 PM  Ja’ffari assadi – 6thImam. He’s important because he started the school of law/thought.  Khariji belief  They were fundamentalist and they killed whoever. Believed that anyone can be a caliph (as opposed to just Quraysh), and could be killed. Anyone could do wrong??? They also have notion of charisma and community  They considered themselves the people of jannah and everyone else were the people of hell. th  12 Imaam  Mohammad/Mahdi  Massiah  Muslims believe that at end of time, somebody will come to save people by fighting evil and establishing kingdom of God.  Many people have claimed to be the Mehdi, especially in sunni sect.  For Shi’as, Mahdi has already been born (in 860). They believe that he is still alive but in occultation (ghayba – unseen because of dangers to his life)  Jesus will come back soon after the Mahdi  These two facts come from Hadith.  Mahdi – the one rightly guided.  864 – 940 – that was the first ghayba. Minor occultation. He was still alive and could communicate.  After 940 – he could not communicate  Mahdi is in Shi’a hadith, not in sunni hadiths.  Ulama  Shi’a scholars take over.  Ummayad  The dynasty. Major tribe at time of the prophet. They opposed him at first but later became muslim.  They wanted power, and they got it through Uthman (3 rd Caliph).  Ali succeeded him after Uthman as killed.  Then Ali fought battle with Siffin. After Ali died, Hassan was going to start war with Mu’awiya, however his people deserted him. And thus, had a treaty.  That was the first dynasty. ????????????????  Mu’awiya ruled from Damascus and created an army.  Abu Sufyan  Who’s wife, Hind, ate the heart of the Prophet’s uncle.  711 (year of grocery store)  Muslims entered Spain for the first time. Muslims captured Morocco and Jabaltariq (Tariq captured it). Were there until 1492  Only when Columbus arrived in Spain (1492), Muslims were kicked out of Spain.  710  Muslims were in frontier of China. Ummayad was partly responsible for this.  Ummayad had an agenda… They felt that Islam was primarily for Arabs. It was for others as well, but they were secondary Muslims. They felt Arabs were better.  Mawla  You belong to a Muslim tribe but you’re not exactly Muslims.  Islam bec
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